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Patios expand your living space and offer a fun focal point for your family to enjoy breakfasts and dinners together. You can enjoy the cool breeze in the evening. Kick back and unwind after a hard day at work with a drink in hand and the company of a peaceful sunset.
When it comes to backyard luxury, nothing beats a thoughtfully designed patio with the right features.

Our Promise

Outdoor Living NWA is the Northwest Arkansas landscaping company that specializes in building awe-inspiring patios. Our services come with the guarantee of consistently superior quality products and workmanship.

We do not cut corners, nor do we settle for mediocre design. Our customers expect nothing less than greatness from us, and Outdoor Living NWA delivers precisely that.


Patios That Look Awesome and Add Value to Your Home


Strong, Durable, and Secure. Quality fencing enhances your property in many ways

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Building the Ultimate Outdoor Living Experiences

A beautiful patio is more than just a stretch of stones or concrete. We, at Outdoor Living NWA, understand that. We use a variety of functional and aesthetic features like lighting, steps, pillars, fire features, seating arrangements, and more to breathe life into your patios. We make sure that you don’t just get a patio, you get a lifestyle.

Our entire patio-building process is a simple and hassle-free experience for you – you schedule a home consultation, get a free quote based on your or our design, let us build you a magnificent patio, and then enjoy it for a lifetime.

Our inspiring patio designs come with an exceptional quality of products and services. We source all our materials from the following

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